2C Oil Application Preparation

Prepping the floor

  1. The floor should be professionally sanded, ending in 80 to 120 grit screen.  A natural oil finish will highlight the wood grain, but it also magnifies any of the sanding errors. 
  2. Good screening blends the edger areas with the field.  This is especially important when you apply the richer, medium and dark Rubio Monocoat colors to ensure there are no differences in the shade of colors.
  3. Vacuum the floor thoroughly with a strong vacuum cleaner, using the proper suction attachment.  Ensure that all the dust has been removed before application of the oil.
  4. Dry-tack the floor with a microfiber cloth or clean it with Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner.


  • Exotic species must be cleaned with Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner before oil application.
  • If you are using a wood filler/putty, ensure that it accepts stains. We recommend  Woodfiller Quick due to its quick curing, excellent color absorption, and easy sanding.
  • It is recommended that only professionals water pop or mist when preparing floors for finishing.